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4 in 1 Test Moniter (TVI,CVI,AHD,Analog) View larger

5 in 1 Test Moniter (TVI,CVI,AHD,Analog)




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Features 1. 7 inch IPS TFT-LCD test monitor with capacitive touch screen ,1280*800 resolution NEW
2. Brightness/contrast/color saturation adjustment
3. Built in Wi-Fi can receive images from wireless cameras ,
4. ONVIF IP camera test, support 2592*1520
5. DC48V PoE power output, supplies temporary power for PoE cameras
6. UTP Cable test, Test UTP cable connection status and display on the screen. Read the number on the
screen, Tap "cable test sketch map" ,pop up Straight-through cable and crossover cable skectch, It is for
line sequence reference ,when the crystal on the first pressure in the twisted-pair
7. Test H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG IP cameras
8. Video image magnification enables detailed viewing
9. HDMI signal output, support 1080p
10. Analog camera image display, auto adapts and display NTSC or PAL video formats
11. Supports RS232/RS485, Rate 600 - 115,200bps adjustable
12. AHD/CVI/TVI camera test. snapshot ,video record and playback ,zoom, support 1080P
13. IP discovery ,auto scan the IP camera address
14. Customized IP cameras(with more than 80 brand camera ,such as DAHUA,Haikang,KEDA,Samsung,HIKVISION and TIANDY
15. Rapid ONVIF, search camera quickly, auto log in and display image from the camera, activate Hikvision camera.
16. Hik test tool app is design for activating and debugging Hikvision camera can auto-identify inactivated hikvision camera, also can
display image from the Hikvision camera.
17. DH test tool app is design for Dahua Camera image test, support modify IP, user name and password etc parameters.
18. Snapshot and save images as JPG files in an SD card, video record and playback
19. 8GB SD card including
20. Support mobile client of the IP camera
21. Display real resolution of the IP camera images
22. PTZ controller ,Photograph, Video record, Record playback
23. Color bar generator, analog video color bar and testing image output
24. POE voltage test, PING test ,IP address scan, port flashing etc
25. 12V /2A power output
26. 5V 2A power output,as the power bank
27. Audio input and output test
28. LED lamp, calculators, music players and other application tools
29. 7.4V Lithium polymer battery ,5800mAh,after charging 7~8 hours ,working time last 10 hours